Minecraft - Mouse pointer resets / Camera resets to same point after some time

Quake champions works fine, my mouse is not the problem. Whenever I’m playing minecraft the mouse pointer seems to reset itself, making the in game camera jerk. The camera always jerks to the same place. Happens regularly, not a freak occurance. (Might be an issue because I have 2 monitors ?)

Running the official Nvidia drivers

pacman -Q | grep nvidia
lib32-nvidia-440xx-utils 440.100-1
linux54-nvidia-440xx 440.100-10
mhwd-nvidia-340xx 340.108-1
mhwd-nvidia-390xx 390.132-1
mhwd-nvidia-418xx 418.113-1
mhwd-nvidia-430xx 430.64-1.0
mhwd-nvidia-435xx 435.21-1.0
mhwd-nvidia-440xx 440.100-1
nvidia-440xx-utils 440.100-1

Also the performance is awful when I am not in fullscreen mode.

I have played Minecraft a lot with three monitors and it works fine, so I don’t think it is a multi monitor problem. Other than that, I cannot help you.

Downgrading the java version down to 8 fixed this issue

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