MIMO Wifi question

Can i use MIMO wifi in vim3 to connect to a 2.5 and a 5 ghz network at the same time?

Or can i use network adaptor to connect to 2.5 ghz network for internet and create a 5ghz hotspot simultaneously??? I’m using latest manjaro plasma on khadas vim3

No. I don’t think that will work.

I don’t think broadcom have released the firmware with hot-spot allowed in linux.

Check khadas forum. I think it was only possible on Android.

Hi bro

Have you figured out why Linux khadas HDMI audio works only in Manjaro Mate but not in plasma or gnome?

Secondly. Have you ever successfully run waydroid on khadas vim3?

Soon, Have too many things pending, hopefully during eid holidays.

No did not try yet.

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Install pulseaudio and reboot. that will solve the problem of HDMI audio
pipewire-pulse still cannot configure the audio routing so we will have to look into how to get it to work with pipewire.

@JFL For restart issue it is mostly the module and the plymouth. I am still looking into it.

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Considering how much Broadcom hates free software, I don’t really understand why arm board manufacturers choose to use Broadcom’s chips.

Likely because they are cheap and mostly work on mainline kernel.

Realtek’s chips seem to be cheaper, and they’re also worse, but given that manufacturing is done in Shenzhen, China, there are probably more cheap embedded chips to choose from locally.

Realtek’s mainline support is not good though.

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