Migrate zoom options from Settings > Desktop Effects to dedicated section under accessibility settings

I am visually impaired and i rely mostly on zoom. So, My first instinct whenever is install a new distro or desktop environment is to search for zoom and in KDE when i search for zoom it yeilds no results i had to dig in for atleast a day to locate the options listed under desktop effects.
A few years back i wanted to use KDE and at the time i was very new to the linux world and I did what my instincts told me to do and searched for zoom and looked for it under accessiblity. Since, i couldnt find zoom I assumed that KDE does not offer support for accessebility and never looked back on KDE.
This time however I was determined and I had to ask for help from someone.
Thiss simple change could boost up user experience and accessiblity .

(Meanwhile, i have noticed a few bugs in zoom and have posted here in the support forum.)

Unfortunately, this isn’t anything the Manjaro developers can change. The location of the zoom effects settings under the Desktop Effects section of Plasma’s System Settings is a decision by the KDE developers upstream. Manjaro has nothing to do with that.


I understand. Can you help me though with how i could talk about this with the KDE developers

Well, you can file a feature request or bug report at bugs.kde.org. That’s the only way I know of to get their attention. :man_shrugging:


You open System Settings and make the search for Zoom or zoom? You should get some like this:


And then you click on Desktop effects and look for zoom again (yeah, i know is a bit frustrating)

And activate it, set your preferred keyboard shortcut for it, and apply then start using it.

Thankyou, I did figure it out. I was saying that it makes more sense to place zoom under accessiblity as it would make it much easier for new comers to get started.

It might, but the way the X-KDE-Library are build, that would need a whole lot of different work and split them because the Effects use the kcm_kwin_effects Library and Accessibility uses kcm_access libraries.

The only thing can be done is create for example a file /usr/share/kservices5/access_zoom.desktop
with this content in it (can change the icon to something else)

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Activate Zoom Effect

And have that entry appear in Personalization, but will not appear in Accessibility because that uses a different kcm library.

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