Midori cause Kernel crash, total freeze

tried using Midori as an alternative to Firefox just to test a web page out, a link from a gmail email
Went to Gmail first, it crashes the Kernel before finishing the loading screen, with the big M
Rebooted, tried again, it made it to the email and i clicked the link and that page caused a Kernel crash, meaning same as before the thing freezes, mouse won’t move, no keyboard, numlock off, can’t turn on etc.
Went back to gmail, and it crashes again, but after loading the inbox
The web pages autoload when starting Midori, like it is picking up where it left off.

So, uninstalled Midori. Things seem to be working fine with Firefox.

I found it odd that a web browser could crash the system, or freeze it.
I did notice a little hard drive activity after the last freeze, but it stopped and the system did not respond for a minute or so, before i rebooted, press the reboot button, the reset.
So, something going on, but keyboard and mouse unresponsive and no visual changes to screen

When rebooting, short message upper left in text before GUI loads, usually it says something like “clean” but this time, 3 times, it also says ‘kernel crash’ or recovering kernel or something like that

Please post your system info and journal from the previous boot as outlined here:

tried a bunch of distros overnight; all fail; guess time for new computer
old laptop handles the installs ok