Midnight Commander after update to 4.8.31 no longer opens mp4 video files in mpv

Tested this on two manjaro machines before and after the latest update. Before update, mc would open mp4 video files in mpv by default, afterwards, it does nothing (when hitting the enter key). Have not been able to find a mc forum to report the issue but when I reverted the mc.ext.ini settings file to a backup, mc complained that the settings format has changed in the new version, but was then able to open mp4 files. Unfortunately, it complains about the old ini settings on every launch.

/usr/share/applications/mpv.desktop still exists and points to /usr/bin/mpv.

It must be the extension file - /usr/lib/mc/ext.d/video.sh
but then again, it can’t be, because this didn’t change.

xdg-open is used to figure out what application to start.

perhaps that variable has changed on your system?

The ini file looks pretty much the same to me between two different versions of mc
Just remove it - it will be recreated
basically: start from scratch
back it up first, then
rm -rf ~/.config/mc

then there is F9 → Command → Edit extension file
I have used that in the distant past - but on XFCE
XDG_OPEN is used and this just works (for me).

Thanks for the reply. I checked xdg-open and also installed mimeo to double-check all file type associations. Both open mp4 in mpv and point to the correct mpv.desktop file.

In mc this still doesn’t work, and mc doesn’t provide an indication as to what, if anything, is happening when trying to launch a mp4 file using the enter key.

In the interim I’ve switched to ranger, which does honor xdg-open defaults.

If you are good with ranger instead of mc - good on you and good luck.