Middle mouse button stopped working after update

Hi. After recent update my middle mouse button stopped working in every program. Scrolling still works. I dual boot Windows on the same machine and MMB works there, so it’s not a hardware issue.

I use XFCE, but I’m not sure if this is a DE related problem, so I’ve posted it in general Support.

The only idea I have
is to check and rule out whether the mouse button is actually working or maybe just coincidentally physically broken
use the command:


every movement and every button press and release should generate a response

If it is not already installed:
pamac install xorg-xev

Thank you.

xev doesn’t notice MMB click. I could use Timeshift to make sure the MMB not working was caused by the update.

In that case my diagnosis would be:
it’s broken - physically/electrically not working anymore
… the switch gave up the ghost … it happens …

If the button doesn’t generate a response in xev
no amount of software timeshift can fix it :wink:

But it works well enough on Windows on the same machine, using the same mouse.

It is not physically broken then - but if it isn’t
I have no bright idea why it wouldn’t respond in xev
Someone else might know how to diagnose this further.
Or maybe timeshift can help.

It’s easier though to simply boot a live system and see whether it works there, like it does in Windows.

I’m sorry. It was a hardware issue after all. It just started working and then stopped again on Manjaro. And checking once again on Windows, it doesn’t work.

Thank you and I apologise for wasting your time.

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