Microsoft wont load to log into minecraft?


Does anyone know how to solve this problem? I downloaded the “minecraft-launcher” and it prompts me to sign in with my Microsoft account. I click on it and then it just opens up a new windows saying “Failed to load the page”

My internet works fine and all it says in the end is ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED (code=-105).

I belive this might be related but maybe Microsoft has blocked my IP or something because whenever I try to access their website from home, no matter of I use Ethernet or WiFi it always gives me a “couldn’t load webpage” but whenever I try to access the website using mobile network I can access it just fine.

Yep. Sounds like they either blocked your home IP, or you have a DNS issue on your network regarding microsoft servers.

Either way, it’s not really a Manjaro issue.


So what did they get pissed that I started using Linux instead is that why they’ve blocked me :rofl: Nah but really though how can I lift this block and why are they ghosting me?

How can I check if there’s a DNS issue?

You’ve had your answer. :arrow_down:

Take it up with them, please. This is the Manjaro forum. Microsoft support is that way… :arrow_right:

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