Microsoft Teams - spinning cursor

Hello all,

I’m using the microsoft teams flatpak on XFCE stable version. It works fine - but there’s a strange behavior I can’t seem to find a solution for via search. When I open teams, the mouse cursor starts the spinning/I’m working on something animation - but never stops. It only does this when hovering over the desktop. If I move the cursor into any window, it turns into a normal cursor. When I move it back out of the window, it starts spinning again.

I guess I’m wondering if something is running and consuming resources that I should hunt down and stop - but how would I go about confirming that / hunting it down? Thanks!

Any special reason to use flatpak. I use teams from AUR daily for school and there are no such error:

pamac build teams #remove the faltpak one before running this command


I’m using the snap version on Gnome and I don’t have such behaviour. Maybe you should try that version aswell.
Please keep in mind, that teams doesn’t like wayland. You must use X11 in order to share your desktop i.e. If you’re using wayland you should switch to X11 and see if the mouse cursor stops spinning.

I have the same experience as @ishaanbhimwal , the teams package in the AUR runs well on X11 or as @aluedtke suggests the snap might be worth a try.

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