Microsoft .NET runtime, why use snap or

When I was using Ubuntu, it was easy to install .NET runtime, because Microsoft’s official web page had listed the command lines to install it. But that page has no instruction for Manjaro or even for Arch.

I searched Google for “manjaro install .net” and the first result was using Snap, the second result was wget to download .sh installer. But if I use that, it will not get automatic updates.

I had expected that .NET would only be in AUR, but when I searched for it, it was in the official repository. Then why are people recommending Snap or .sh installer?

Because some people like it, that’s why. It’s personal preference.

We might not like it, or agree with it, but it’s their choice.

The easy one is

pamac build dotnet-core-bin

Please note the pinned comment on the aur page AUR (en) - dotnet-core-bin

Also be aware that certain development utilities and command line tools may suggest a newer version than available in the pkgbuild.

This can create issues with your code if your system has 6.0.4 and the nuget package references 6.0.5.

Also, I just remembered, I read somewhere, that Microsoft endorses snap and prefers it to distribute stuff. So anything from directly Microsoft itself is likely to use snap, as I understand it.

So yeah…

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