Microphone went undetected after last update

Hi everybody! Long story short: last night I receive the updates. Everything was normal, but today I noticed that Zoom doesn´t recognise the microphone, neither Vivaldi. I read the ARch Wiki and I tried:

  • Configure the levels with alsamixer, with the “default” card and with HDA Intel MID, but nothing works
  • Tried arecord -vv --format=dat /dev/null, but no sound is detected
  • Tried arecord -vvv --format=dat --device=plughw:0,0 /dev/null, and seems to recognise sounds

The only program that seems to recognise the microphone is Audacity, but only if I select the default device for record.

Honestly, I don’t know where is the problem. Is ALSA, is Zoom, is Vivaldi, is my configuration? I don’t know. If anybody can help me, I woud be very grateful! I’m using Manjaro BSPWM.