Microphone too sensitive and catching small sound with crazy echo, hissing and high pitch twirling sound

Hi guys, i am using manjaro XFCE. Everytime i call and join a meeting using facebook messenger or microsoft teams my microphone go crazy and record hissing, echo and annoying high pitch sound that makes others people in the call very uncomfortable. Those sound are like someone using a fan, turn on biggest speed and then point straight at the microphone at very close distance. i have to switch to call using my mobile now , my microphone is unbearable. Can someone help me debug the problem in order to find the root cause of this and fix it ? Thanks for your supports .

You can adjust your microphone’s gain in pulseaudiopavucontrol if you prefer a GUI.
If your friends complain about echo, your microphone is probably also taking your speaker. You may then need to enable echo cancellation.


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I have already enable echo cancellation but it changes nothing. the problem still persists

The crazy part is that when i used recording on web or using app then the sound is working fine!!! But if i use video call or calling using facebook or teams then the problem arises! i think there is a problem with webrtc or something