Microphone constantly picking up sound

Hello all,

so for awhile I have been having issues with bluetooth. After figuring it out, I found my microphone is constantly picking up noise (I will include a picture if anyone can tell me how I can link it or post it)

I am new to linux and don’t know what is going on. Any suggestions on how to fix this? thank you

Hi, I opened a topic earlier Microphone and bluetooth headset: two problems and one solution (for now) in which I shortly describe how I solved my issue. I think what I did can be applied to high sensitivity microphones (and I guess this is what causes the problem).

I think you could try my setup but with one caveat: check what’s the sampling frequency of your microphone and adapt that line. I found mine be 48 kHz but I don’t remember the exact command: it was a command line registrator that complained if the frequency is too high, so I went by trials finding out which is the maximum.

You can modify the setup by editing the two files I mention and then restart pulseaudio (which is a program that manages the audio) with these commands:

pulseaudio -k
pulseaudio --start 

Lines can be commented with ; or # in front, so I recommend you to keep the original lines commented so that you can revert easily. Restarting the system is not necessary, it’s sufficient to modify the files and restart pulseaudio with the two lines before.

If you want more details or do some more experiments (since, as I told you, it’s quite safe :slight_smile: ) I give you the two sources of my setup:

Thank you Marco, you solution in your last post worked for me

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