Microphone captation going up and down on Discord


When I use the discord app, my voice volume goes up and down while I’m talking, even with me trying to maintain the same voice volume.

I recorded one gif to show you guys what I’m talking about, but for some reason I can’t include links in the post. The mic test keeps going to low when I’m pronouncing “aaaaaaaaaa” more constant as I can.

I recorded some test audios using Audacity, here my voice volume stayed stable and audible.

I installed* the Discord from official repositories, from snap store and from flat hub (each version at a time and restarting the computer). All had the same symptom (my voice going low and high while I talked).

  • I tried all recommendations in the Microphone section from Archlinux’s PulseAudio/TroubleShooting wiki page. Unfortunately, unsuccessfully.

Lastly, I opened the web version of Discord in Firefox, (guess what), the input sensitivity worked as expected here.

You guys have any idea of what is causing this?

I use Discord both for gaming and work purposes, it’s an essential tool for me. Any help will be appreciated.

The post is vague because I wasn’t able to include some images and gifs that makes the problem more evident.

System info:

  • Dircord: flatpak 0.0.15, snap 0.0.15, repo 0.0.15-1

I could be wrong, but if Discord on Firefox and Audacity both record your audio at a constant level, the problem might be with the Discord app and it is an app-level bug.

There is no indication that their desktop app is OS either. I checked here. So I am not sure how you could report this bug to them.

A simple workaround is to just use the in-browser version. It will also prevent more tracking (if that matters to you), as this seems to be a closed-source binary and a company like Discord probably harvests user-data.

@mueen I wasn’t able to get another voice output at constant level through Firefox :confused: . I think I got a constant voice level just once and maybe because my record was just too short.

Anyway, I made the following tests:

  • I made some more tries with Discord web app and ,in all of them, I had this the same problem where my voice keeps going high and low (like in the Discord app);

  • I defined “pulse” as record device in Audacity’s settings and changed the Audacity from option in the “Recording” of the “PulseAudio Volume Control” to the one the monitors my input device (mic), this enables me to record the PC’s output audio in Audacity.* Then, I used that to record Discord’s “mic test” audio of the native version and the web one. Here is the result* (I suggest checking if your volume is low :sweat_smile:).

    • I uploaded 3 tracks: 1 - mic capture, 2 - mic from discord native app, 3 - mic from discord web app.
  • I booted in Kubuntu using a Live Media to run Discord in another environment. Here I get the same weird behavior in both native or web version of Discord.

Said that, I think having the same behavior with Discord in another distro (that also has KDE as DE) could mean some bug with the KDE libraries? Or maybe the last releases of Linux kernel is causing these issues with Discord?

* Paste only the url after “…org/”

I will make more tests. I will run Discord on GNOME DE (Pop!OS) to see what happens.

Kubuntu’s Live Media system info:

Operating System: Kubuntu 21.04
KDE Plasma Version: 5.21.4
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.80.0
Qt Version: 5.15.2
Kernel Version: 5.11.0-16-generic
OS Type: 64-bit
Graphics Platform: X11
Processors: 12 × AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Six-Core Processor
Memory: 15.6 GiB of RAM
Graphics Processor: AMD Radeon ™ RX 480 Graphics

Can you test other voice/video applications to rule out the possibility that this is a Linux issue?

Some suggestions:

  • Jitsi
  • Skype
  • Telegram
  • Slack
  • Matrix

Basically any other application that is used to make voice calls to rule out that the problem is on the OS level.

I booted into Pop!OS (GNOME Desktop Environment) and I got the same problem of my voice going up and down using Discord.

I tried others voice apps (Jitsi, Skype and Matrix) and all of them captured my voice normally. So, I think this must be a problem in the Discord application itself.

I will open a ticket on the Discord support and post the outcomes here.

That’s great(minus the app not working), so we now know the problem is on Discord and not any Linux distro or OS bug.

Having a similar issue with Discord on my Garuda Linux install as well, so I’m pretty sure this isn’t a distribution bug. In addition to the Discord mic fluctuation, my microphone just sounded very terrible in general (and it wasn’t the case when I was just using Audacity to test my microphone). However, I have tried Discord on other operating systems such as Windows, and my microphone seemed to work fine there.

I’m awaiting your response from the Discord support ticket.

Hello there, regarding the Discord microphone fluctuation issue, this issue no longer appears when using a separate Discord client for Linux.

Search on pacman for LightCord, which is basically a customizable Discord client that is open-source and has support for BetterDiscord features as well. The issue disappeared after I switched from the default Discord client to LightCord.

Try it out and see if this fixes your issue. If you’re wondering if LightCord is fundamentally different in layout from the default Discord client, no, the layout is entirely the same.

Until now, I haven’t found a solution for this problem, but I still waiting a verdict from Discord team on my ticket.

Discord has Automatic Gain Control and other audio processing turned on by default

Firefox has similar audio processing
Firefox/Tweaks/Disable WebRTC audio post processing - ArchWiki

Yeah, but if I disable these my voice gets too noisy and the quality falls hard.

You asked what was changing the audio level in Discord

The answer for that is Automatic Gain Control in Discord settings

Turn off this one setting to stop “my voice volume goes up and down while I’m talking”

Although I not commented in the post, I had already tried your suggestion even before posting here.

The problem is that even with all “voice processing” features turned off, my voice oscillates hard.

This is probably the best answer you can get for your question.

Then this issue is not related to Manjaro but Discord. You already have opened a ticket with them, so they should be able to assist with that.

I’ll go ahead closing this thread for the reasons above.

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Resolution pertains to a third party.