Micro SD card not being recognized

My laptop, a starlabs mkIII is not recognizing my micro SD card on the micro SD card slot, but with an USB-A adapter it works. The only big change that comes to my mind recently is that i updated the firmware to starlabs coreboot 7.
I tried with 2 different SD cards, with the same results.
This firmware from starlabs, is a WIP as far as I know as they started the coreboot firmware option to change from AMI, they are fixing many bugs on each new release. I have already contacted them, but I thought is sharing it here too, as Manjaro promotes their hardware.


Try to restore prev. FW version update to prev. FW vertion or provide good information what your system is and all info data regarding that card slot - may be someone know what to try.

Please note, I do not know if your PC supports downgrade and a proper safe method how to do this. Please try to realize that before to downgrade it in order to prevent PC to turn into a brick.

Also, if after downgrade you will realize that the slot works well, you know the reason what it was. Please file a bug with your description in the issue tracker site of your package developer.

Other current state suggestions:

  1. Sometimes it is a solution to reset all setting to their defaults.
    Are you update the UEFI/BIOS? Try to review all current settings in terms of changes you made earlier, write them down/take a photos, then reset the settings to defaults/optimized defaults, reboot PC and setup your previous settings over that new defaults. That settings re-initialization of newer defaults settings and setting-related structures and values of newer FW could help to red rid of possible obsolete values.

  2. Do you remember if card slot works on a LiveCD media? If yes, try to load that version of LiveCD and if you find out that card slot did not work now, than it is UEFI/BIOS-related problem.

  3. “card slot”. may be you use adapter and adapter now broken? For example you have SD slot and microSD card and microSD-SD adapter.

You already see how many “if” there are here. It is only from me, others can add ore and more, but we are not all possible ideas generators and typing machines. If you want others to help you provide detailed info.
Otherwise we should write stories and poems to your very poor two lines description, while you did not apply much efforts to make others to know details of your issue, but already awaits for suggestions. While awaits you could edit your post and provide more and more data and to try to find logged info on your machine about that, but there is still that two lines description and just awaiting (with increasing aggression degree also?) Try to realize How to provide good information. You can do it.

thanks for your long answer, I really need to learn a lot and improve my posts, but also gain more technical knowledge to describe the problems.

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