Micro editor cut & paste behaviour

According to the readme.md of micro (GitHub - zyedidia/micro: A modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor)

Note for Linux desktop environments:

For interfacing with the local system clipboard, the following tools need to be installed:

  • For X11 xclip or xsel
  • For Wayland wl-clipboard

Without these tools installed, micro will use an internal clipboard for copy and paste, but it won’t be accessible to external applications.

So I installed xclip through pamac, and did not notice the effect (expected was that copies from micro would show up in the KDE clipboard tray and that paste in micro would come from the KDE clipboard). Also on pamac I saw that a package ‘micro-manjaro’ was installed but that does not seem to relate to this cut & paste issue.
In ‘/usr/share/zsh/functions/Completion/X’ a text file ‘_xclip’ exists, would that be involved in this?
How can the expected functions of copy/paste be achieved?

Just install the packages micro and xclip.

Use the right clip commands

command shortcut
Copy ShiftCtrlc
Cut ShiftCtrlx
Paste ShiftCtrlv

Yes, I did. The copy (sh ctrl c) is even greyed-out in the konsole -menu.

I don’t think you can use that menu - I have used micro for years - using the keyboard shortcuts work as expected.

OK, so it must be possible to achieve cut and paste as intended. I re-installed micro.
Since I had not removed xclip the 2nd optional dependency is not offered by pamac I guess. But anyway, paste (from the kde clipboard) works as it already did, but copy from micro to that clipboard does not. On the open-issues of micro the same issue is mentioned several times.

In a virtualbox vm of Arch Linux I installed micro. same issue. then installed xclip. issue solved. In that instance the zsh shell is not installed. So now it seems that zsh is interfering with micro and the system clipboard. Interesting.

well - I am using a pretty standard Manjaro Plasma - there’s no issues on my side - so I cannot provide insight