Mic is alaways capturing sound unless muted

maybe it’s a Linux thing,or maybe it’s the same on windows but not apparent,
but i noticed that if i don’t mute my laptop mic,i can see the volume bar going up when there is sound around.(in KDE under the ‘audio devices’ icon on the panel.)
i would expect it to be idle by default and only get triggered when an application needs it.

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  3. I only see the microphone being triggered by an application on my KDE system, so could you try creating another user and see if it happens there too??? (E.G. linub2)


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If you check PulseAudio sources for audio capture ( pactl list sources ) it would show
that PulseAudio is state: IDLE when not in use
But it would show State: RUNNING if KDE audio controls are monitoring microphone audio

Microphone capture would still be active in ALSA even if a sound server is not using it.
most hardware does not have hardware monitoring to provide ALSA level meters but there is usually a level control for monitoring microphone audio in alsamixer


i ran your command;
with the mic muted,it all shows suspended,with the mic un-muted, i get ‘idle’ on a few “sources”.

i’m not sure i fully understood what you said about alsamixer,but is there anything i can do about it?

muting the Mic isn’t that bad,i was just surprised/concerned by this default behavior on my system and wanted to know if others experience it as well.(@Fabby doesn’t seem to)
that’s why i originally posted it in non technical questions.