Mic and separate headphones. How

After years of using My Sony XM1000mark3 for online meetings im getting tired of people having no idea what Im saying.

The HFP profile doesn`t allow any kind of MIC quality. So the big question is what do i do now ?

Im thinking. And please correct me if Im wrong. I need the following.

1 Mic
1 Headset only with speakers.
A computer with two seperate inputs for the two. (1 mic, 1 sound)

My laptop doesnt have two seperate minijacks. Just one single one. So i looked at this

Roccat Juke 7.1 (im not allowed to link to it)

Plenty of packages in AUR for this product. So it should work. Hook up the mic and sound to it and go.

But will this solve my problems ?

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websearch shows Sony XM1000mark3 are bluetooth noise cancelling earbuds
The microphones built-in to the earbuds would probably only work well at picking up your voice if you took one earbud out and held it near your mouth
(or wear a motorcycle crash helmet so the sound of your voice is reflected to the microphones!)

Bluetooth HFP audio is not very good even if the mic is working. HFP audio is mono and uses a narrower frequency bandwidth (sound quality is similar to analogue telephones from 70s or amateur radio voice messages)

If your laptop has only one jack socket, one simple solution would be to get a headset with a boom arm microphone that has a compatible 4-pole jack

But for online meetings, voice audio from a headset microphone can sound a bit claustrophobic to some people (like you are always speaking a few inches away from their face)
A microphone close to your mouth can also pick up unwanted noise (plosives from p and b sounds)
and a mute button is essential if you need to cough or sneeze

A desktop microphone would be a better option (assuming not too much background noise) because it sounds like you are in the same room with the mic placed a bit further away and you can turn your head away from the mic so listeners do not get the full force of any cough or sneeze

You can get a jack splitter cable instead of a USB cable to connect separate microphone and headphones to the one audio jack