Mhwd-fb fix and improvements

Hi, I wanted to submit a little fix for mhwd-fb, even if it has not really the topmost focus…
Since I couldn’t create a merge request in gitlab, I have mirrored the repo in github and created this push request:

Would anyone take care of that?

Apart from that, I also need to report that mhwd-fb is not working correctly with the standard installation because it needs uvesafb, but this latter is not available in Manjaro: only v86d is.
So, in order to work with that, you need to:

  1. pacman -Rdd v86d
  2. install uvesafb from the AUR

Thx for the patch and the notice that we have to get uvesafb back into our repositories. For some reason it got moved to AUR and we didn’t notice it.

It seems that the Request access button was disabled in the repo. I enabled it now, so people can request access and actually send merge requests from now on.


Here is the merge request in gitlab:

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Hi @philm … The MR is still open…

Is there anything blocking it?

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So taking a look at available hooks:

mkinitcpio -L

I noticed


I assume its framebuffer? But does it get used? Should it be in hooks?

@cscs I’ve reopened the topic and pinged @philm in the MR.