Metis - Why is it in AUR

Hi guys, Can anyone advise?
If I $pamac checkupdates -a, I get:

metis 5.1.0.p10-2 → 5.2.1-2 AUR
skypeforlinux-stable-bin → AUR
zoom 5.12.2-1 → 5.15.12-1 AUR

Now I know about Skype and Zoom, but where has Metis come from? Or more to the point why is it there? It is not something that I have ever installed.

I suppose the question is, should I upgrade it?

Thanks for any pointers.

It was in the AUR to begin with in 2015, then at some point was imported to Arch. It was dropped back to the AUR last November. There could be various reasons why Arch decided to stop maintaining it.

The most common usually are:

  • Upstream stopped development
  • The package no longer builds and upstream did not respond
  • The Arch Package Maintainer no longer found it viable to package

If you want to continue using it, then yes of course update it.

You dropped this :wink: :


[Yochanan] Thanks.

I don’t know what it is used for. I never knowingly use it. Would it be safe to just remove it?

If you don’t know what it is and it’s not required by anything, then you probably don’t need it.

You can check what may require it with:

pacman -Qi metis | grep 'Required By\|Optional For'


Thanks for your help. Have uninstalled it.

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