Meta+number key

Hi, I am new to Linux
I am using Manjaro Linux for almost one month.
I like to use keyboard shortcuts more than mouse .
but one thing I dunno understand that how to enable numbers on dock icons when we press meta key . is there any widgets or should I enable any option…?

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Normally in Plasma, the Meta + number keys are already enabled by default if you use the icons-only task manager ─ I do not know whether they work with the Latte Dock, but I suspect they will.

It may however be necessary to give the task manager focus first before the shortcut will work, because if an application has focus, then the Meta + number presses will be forwarded to the application instead.

I know it’s silly, but that’s how it works. You can however also define a shortcut that gives the task manager focus, so that you then first press that shortcut ─ whichever one it is ─ and then use Meta + number to select which application you want to switch to.

As user-friendly as Plasma is, it is primary intended to be used by way of a mouse, not by way of a keyboard. :man_shrugging:

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Cool, thanks!

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Yep, they work with latte. It’s just necessary to re-assign them in Shortcuts of System Settings due to them being in conflict with regular Task manager applet’s defaults.