Meta key trigger host startmenu in VMWare

Hey !
I’m not running into a real issue, but this problem is quite annoying :
when I press the meta key (Windows key) in a VMWare Window, to open the start menu of the guest, it also opens the start menu of the Manjaro host.

I don’t really know where to put this question, so please tell me if I should ask this on VMWare forums

Thanks !


Use different keys on both? (I use Ctrl+Esc)


You could disable global shortcuts on the VMware window. (At least on KDE).

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Hi ! I’m sorry, but I never went deep into KDE configuration. Could you send me a link, or a hint on how to do that ?

You can change shortcut just in VMWare window ? Or are you talking to change it for the window-wide ?

Click on the top left application icon, then More Actions and then Special Application settings

Then click on add properties

And finally ignore global shortcuts:

Change do not affect to force, and thats it. Downside is that you will no longer be able to Alt+Tab, Alt+F4, etc (Only on VMware). Screen edges will still work so you could use the top-left one instead of alttabbing (by default it shows your open windows).


Whatever you want as long as both are different but @adelpozoman 's system is better.


Thanks you, it works ! I will check this menu deeper to see if I can specifically disable the meta shortcut

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