Meta Key Error -

Hello, Hello community, I apologize for my poor English. I have been using Manjaro for several months now, and it was working normally. I own an ASUS TUF 15 laptop with a GTX 1650, and the computer is new, only three months old. However, after applying Manjaro updates a week ago, I have been experiencing issues with the META key. It suddenly stopped functioning; I even tried using an external keyboard to rule out hardware problems, but the same key didn’t work. I installed XEV to check if it was receiving signals when I pressed the key, and indeed, it was. The key does function, but it seems to be disabled, and I don’t know how to reconfigure it to work as a shortcut. I have noticed that other users have faced similar issues, but I haven’t come across specific solutions within the GNOME environment.I appreciate your guidance. I don’t have much experience; I used to use Ubuntu, and I switched to Manjaro due to Nvidia driver compatibility. That’s why I am thankful for your assistance.

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They are KDE related but maybe contain some ideas for you.

I have not found a solution to enable the Meta key. I was able to verify that the system recognizes the key with the keyboard layout, but I don’t know how to assign it a behavior.