Messages at startup and shutdown - how to display later?

When I boot and when I shut down, Manjaro displays a message. It goes by too quickly and I cannot read it. Is there a way to have it logged and read the log?

journalctl is your friend. See man journalctl for help. Example:

  • View log of current boot session:
    journalctl -b

  • View log from last boot session.
    journalctl -b-1

  • View last logged lines:
    journalctl -xe -b

  • View only error messages:
    journalctl -p3 -b

Thank you, but it did not reproduce what appeared on my screen. It gives a lot of information that is outside of my understanding.

journalctl -p3 -b
returns message command not found

Does anyone have any further thoughts? Thank you.

Hi scamidge,

for me, “journalctl -p3 -b” worked. Did the other commands work for you and only -p3 not? The -p3 brought the expected bootup message. Thanks for that @mbb !

Greetings PinK

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