Mesa update breaks the system

Using unstable branch. The following updates breaks the system (tested several times to be sure):

It makes some letters fade and half of system’s GUI not working properly.

Visually looks kind of similar to this? Visual bug wont go away very annoying - #2 by Zesko


Can confirm that mesa 22.3.6-2 seems to be broken for some reason. Downgrading resolves it for now.

So the latest commit to enable LTO breaks the package. Reverting the change resolves the issue.
@philm @Yochanan

I guess the upstream re-enabling of LTO was only meant for the 23 series.

Here the bug report, for the sake of completeness :wink:

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The same issue here

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I tested it with 22.3.6 with no issues. Sorry about the trouble. It’s now reverted with 22.3.6-3.


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