Mesa non-free still on 24.0.6

Why are the mesa packages in non-free still on 24.0.6.?
The lib32 mesa packages are already on 24.0.7-3

Because unfortunately, this project is officially closed and they will probably never be updated or very rarely. There is a loooong discussion in the dev section of the forum but i guess it requires higher level and you cannot see it. But this is the summary.

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non-free is for Manjaro Unstable. I would not recommend using on Stable or even Testing branches. it is easy enough to build on your own. Have a look here:


I guess that the GitHub action is not working correctly.

The project isn’t dead, as you can see by the quite recent updates. It just isn’t released for stable/testing anymore. The updates are pulled directly from the upstream PKGBUILD for mesa. Builds are fully automated.

It seems something currently is stuck, will trigger the update manually.

Edit: found the issue. For some reason the upload of the artifacts is stalled. Will fix that immediately.

EditEdit: Oh. My bad. Recent update I lowered epoch from 10 to 1, so update was always smaller than status quo. Fix is on its way.


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