Mesa-enable-h264 gone

The mesa-enable-h264 package suddenly disappeared from AUR…why?

on what branch are you ?

pacman-mirrors -G

i’m on stable and it’s avaiable

pacman search mesa

I’m on unstable.

pacman search mesa                                               ✔ 
Fehler: Keine Operation angegeben (benutzen Sie -h für Hilfe)

touche, my mistake

pamac search mesa

pamac not pacman, sorry

Its gone from the AUR. However, I think judging from the name that the mesa-git package also adds h264 de- and encoding.

You could also use for manjaro-specific builds.

I’ve never used it, didn’t even know it exists. But it was likely a manjaro specific one, so …RIP!

You could also try installing the relevant amdonly-gaming-mesa-git packages instead. You may also have to replace the repo version of directx-headers with directx-headers-git to successfully build the amdonly-gaming packages.

I’ve been using amdonly-gaming-mesa-git on my Stable system for several months without any issues, but as the AUR is more suited to Unstable branch, I am fully aware that I could run into problems in the future. So far, the half-dozen or so times I have rebuilt the packages after system updates have all been problem-free. As you are on Unstable branch, you have less to worry about than me when it comes to building AUR packages.

I don’t use 32-bit libraries on my mini-PC (I removed the multilib repo from pacman), so the command I run to build the amdonly packages is:

pamac build directx-headers-git amdonly-gaming-mesa-git amdonly-gaming-libva-mesa-driver-git amdonly-gaming-mesa-vdpau-git amdonly-gaming-vulkan-radeon-git

A list of all the amdonly-gaming packages on the AUR: AUR (en) - Packages

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the to is on unstable

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Oops - I’ll fix my original post

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To answer your question:

“I don’t care, and I don’t give a darn!”
– Abbott & Costello (1938)

…but, seriously… I believe it’s likely related to licensing issues of certain codecs; but I won’t engage in any extended debate about that.


Here you see the why: [PRQ#53879] Deletion Request for mesa-enable-h264 - Aur-requests -

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Arch doesnt care about that, and the AUR even less so.

Manjaro cares because of Manjaro GmbH.

Indeed; and it probably deserves some closure.

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