Mesa and Mesa-git

Got a question about mesa and mesa-git.

Up until a couple of weeks ago I was running Arch and using the Mesa-git (which is v Mainly because I wanted ACO enabled back when it still was in “beta”, but I just kept using Mesa-git even though ACO was implemented by default in Mesa 20.2.

So since a couple of weeks back I´m back on Manjaro (got tired of “fixing” broken updates in Arch) and have been using the stable Mesa 20.2 from the official repos.

So my question is there any real reason/advantage to still use Mesa-git (which is v or am I better off just using the 20.2 Mesa ? I have been searching for a clear answer and looked at the source e.t.c…but I´m still a bit unclear.
I don´t mind doing the legwork and put time in to compiling and such. I´m just not sure if there is any real advantages of doing it. So any input would be nice or if you could point me in a direction where I can find more info ?

-git packages - is for the user wanting to keep up with latest development - not minding the occassional breakage which inevitable follows the development footprint.

What do mean :grin: Arch never breaks

Joke aside - unless you have a special requirement not available in the ordinary releases - there is no need to use -git packages.

If you are running a normal system - even a slightly modified system - and you are comfortable with taking the necessary precautions with the bi-monthly updates - you should be OK with Manjaro stable branch.

If your system - on the other hand - is heavily customized - you should consider - at least testing branch or as some do (including yours truly) run entirely using unstable branch.

Having used it personally, I felt much “safer” using the manjaro version.

I think the only reason you would use the git version is if you bought an RX6000 series

If you do decide to switch to the git version, use Yay to install it, as during installation pamac tends to remove every package that depends on Mesa