Mesa-780m has bigger issues than stable

I get corrupt textures in some games e.g borderlands 3 and almost white screen with others e.g dirt rally 2.0. I was trying to fix this flickering → in dirt rally 2.0 before trying mesa-780m. Any suggestions ?

mesa-780m is a special version of mesa and should only been used with 780m APUs. More info about the changes made to this development version of mesa can be found here:

yeah, I’m using a 780m APU (Asus ROG ALLY). Your link isn’t working for me.

EDIT> Link working

  1. Why is mesa-git aliased to mesa-780m if the latter is only for APUs?
  2. mesa-780m depends on llvm-libs=16.0.6, and lib32-mesa-780m depends on lib32-llvm-libs=15.0.7 breaking my system.

(on unstable)

Latest 780m package is working great. Thank you

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