Mesa 21.3 for Manjaro

Hi, I am new to the forum , I have tried to find information but cant seem to find any.
Is its possible to install Mesa21.3 and 32bits version of mesa 21.3 on Manjaro?
Or do i need to build and install it from source?
I have looked at many forums but I cant seem to find any information about mesa21.3 on Manjaro
on AUR-git i find mesa-git 22.0_dev and lib32-mesa 21-3_dev and out of date mesa-minimal-gir 21.3
but no other alternatives. Except mingw-w64-mesa 21.3.

Thank you for any help in my quest called install mesa 21.3


Is to be released today Release Calendar — The Mesa 3D Graphics Library latest documentation not sure was pushed to master tho.

On Arch linux was marked as out of date, hence will be updated soon Arch Linux - mesa 21.2.4-1 (x86_64)

Then will hit unstable on Manjaro, then testing, and after some time to stable branch.
same with the lib32-mesa

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Ok thanks for the answer so I can assume a few weeks more before I can install it in a easy way. I use the testing brash.
I will have to wait to test real time ray-tracing on Manajro for a while more.

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