MenuLibre Issues on XFCE

I am a new linux user and new to manjaro.
I am trying hard to learn the system but there has been a great learning curve.
I need some help with some basic adjustments to the Menulibre in XFCE Manjaro…

Recently I have been trying to customize the menu folders and items via the “menu editor” interface but I have had many problems with customization & also I believe the program is not stable (although perhaps I am not using it properly being a new user?) Have others experienced problems and instability with MenuLibre? This would be surprising because I have read XFCE is one of the most developed and stable Manjaro versions. Is there known problems with the menulibre launcher? Is there an alternative option or should I just try another Manjaro version? I really like the windows feel of XFCE

My problems: on more than one occasion the changes I make are not saved, the editor refuses to delete or add items, I cannot find the proper “command” input for the program I am putting on the menu & lastly I recently created a new folder category (tools) and placed several of my programs into it then I quit the program & reset my pc hoping to see the changes… BUT the folder does not show on the menu and it has disappered from the menu editor interface? Now all of the programs I placed in the newly created folder do not even show up in the search menu? Although these programs do show up on another program called “app finder” but I cannot run them from this app…

I need to customize the menu & be able to access all my installed programs on command, preferably from a GUI interface because I am still a noob with the terminal… Can anyone help me?

Hello @reb333 :wink:

Keep in mind that some desktop files (well most of them, which are installed with the package manager) you try to edit through libremenu can only be changed with root access. Only desktop files which are created as user, can be changed.