Megasync update issue

I had installed Megasync from AUR, and it was working until a recent update after which it will not autostart at boot. Running megasync from terminal I got

megasync: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I uninstalled Megsync and downloaded the client from the Mega website, following the instructions sudo pacman -U Downloads/megasync-package, after which Megasync was working fine again.

However, the update manager in Pamac wants to upgrade Megasync, and if I do the error returns.

For now working around by ignoring the update.

EDIT 2022-11-27: After a while pamac started throwing error messages about the pgp signature of the package from I uninstalled that and is currently on version from AUR without any issues.

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Is part of openssl and lib32-openssl that got some changes due to some security issues upstream.

Some newer packages still need to be pushed on stable, and you can check Packages

For me, it doesn’t matter if I update through pamac or install the version from de Mega website, I get the same error in both cases. Is there anything I can do?

Megasync version from the official website supports Arch repos only.
But Manjaro can do, if you switch to testing branch or unstable branch of Manjaro, you will get the last version of openssl

If you want to stay the stable branch of Manjaro and need to fix megasync now, there is a trick to using downgrade that will help you to get the last version of openssl.

$ pamac install downgrade
$ sudo downgrade openssl
# You select openssl 3.0.7

But I am not sure, if openssl 3.0.7 breaks some packages in the stable branch.

I don’t get any openssl 3.0.7 option. I get:

│ > -  1)  openssl    1.1.1.o  1  /var/cache/pacman/pkg
│   -  2)  openssl    1.1.1.p  1  /var/cache/pacman/pkg
│   +  3)  openssl    1.1.1.q  1  /var/cache/pacman/pkg

Mind you, the output of pacman -Q openssl is openssl 1.1.1.q-1.

Yes, my system is updated, I have ran sudo pacman-mirrors and sudo pacman -Syyu several times now, no updates.

Interesting, but it’s available from me.


I suspect some configuration is missing from your environment.

I got that is why ALA is disabled on the stable branch.

Installing packages from the ALA is inherently dangerous as sometimes Manjaro needs custom versions of certain packages. Doing this can result in a broken system. As a result, downgrading from the ALA is disabled by default on the stable branch. If needed, you can enable it by setting the environment variable

$ DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA=1 sudo downgrade openssl

You should be careful.

As this is a custom build script - you will have to wait for the maintainer to update the script or you can clone and modify yourself.

The package you can fetch from Megasync web is for Archlinux. If you want to sync a package like this you will have to be closer to Arch - e.g. switching to unstable branch - otherwise requirements may not be met.

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