MEGAsync tray icon does not work in Gnome 3.36

MEGAsync tray icon crashs in Gnome 3.36 after reboot.
because it does not find the system tray.

Screenshot from 2020-10-02 12-12-29

It’s an AUR package - did you rebuild it after the latest update?

Yes, it does not work again

I tried to remove all MEGA and configuration files. then new installation. No luck

It works randomly when I disabled all other Gnome extensions.

I think Megasync Tray Icon need delay min. 3 sec at startup. but delay doesn’t work.

How can I fix delay of application at startup?

I solved the issue:
A file .config/autostart/megasync.desktop was changed:
Old command Exec=megasync was removed.
Add new command: Exec=sh -c "sleep 3 && megasync"

It works fine!

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