Videos stuttering/lagging in Chromium based browsers with radeon driver

That means NO hw-acceleration.
More tonight, sorry .

As that link has already been shared here at least twice … I guess I will just throw my flags up here …


Obviously all arent necessary … but there you go.

‘Opening the video in mpv’ is not a solution to ‘videos lagging in chromium’.
Though it may be a functional workaround in certain circumstances
(think an old netbook that can barely stream 480p)

Don’t make him worse than he is.
Unlike chromium and firefox (which is a hit and miss with vaapi), mpv delivers reliable streams with gpu support (almost always).






The recommended flags don’t have an effect on the issue.
/.config/chromium-flags.conf. Is this the right place? Do I have to restart?

Do you have a correct configuration for your (intel) cpu?

This is all very specific, my flags and settings are for my amd ryzen machine.

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Just a small feedback:
I run some tests on my Jasper Lake CPU (N6000). I have of course linux-firmware and intel-media-driver. I have none of the AUR Vaapi packets. I tested with Costa Rica 4K, also locally downloaded with yt-dl. Both of your config collections of flags did not work. I even changed the codecs with the h264fy extension.
Well, to be honest, in my case it does not matter - everything up to 1080 runs smoothly, i do not feel the need to watch 4k on a 15 inch 1920pix screen.

This is also not my goal. I want smooth and silent performance, no spinning fans

To continue the offtopic: my current machine is actually fanless. That’s exactly why i chose the 6W(22) TDP CPU. It is more than sufficient for general use. And i never saw more than 65 C in manjaro. The hottest (over 80 C) it became…in windows update which is ridiculous.

It may truly be the nonfree stuff. I ddint check codecs.
(and do use nonfree)