MediathekView Update, when?

MediathekView was flagged out-of-date 7 weeks ago.
Other packages (e.g Thunderbird, Firefox etc.) get updated within a few days since they been flagged out of date.
Why does it take so long for mediathekview?

It’s a package we import directly from Arch, so we can only update it when Arch does, and they too are still on the same version as we have.

You could try installing the FlatPak. Or, there’s also an alternative called qmediathekview-git from the AUR. It’s a development package, though, and I don’t know to what extent it would be compatible with the very latest mediathekview from the official vendors.

MediaThekview website has an AppImage for latest version

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That’s not what you asked, but may be helpful nonetheless: There’s always the option to switch to MTPlayer (with its many features superior to mediathekview imo, but I am not impartial here), available in AUR. From the original mediathekview programmer, in active development and the programmer is very responsive and helpful (German forum).


Thank you. Installed MTPlayer. Very nice!
And for those having trouble to get 1920x1080 livestreams working (no sound): Use Smplayer for playing.

BTW both programs consume about 1.6 GB Ram!

Java is to blame here (I think, no expert).

BTW, the current main version has had some issues, but the daily builds are usually very solid. I keep the latest daily in ~/Applications and use it, keeping the AUR installation as a fallback option. (vvv TEST is the Daily vvv).

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