MediaTek Wi-Fi 7 MT7927

It appears this card isn’t supported yet. Just starting this topic in case anyone knows of a driver website or something where I can get this new card working.

I don’t know if this card is supported.

I do know, that there was a regression in recent kernels (6.5/6.6, and 6.1) that caused WiFi issues for a number of users. Upgrading to the latest kernel 6.6.x/6.1.x, or 6.7.x seems to have resolved the majority of those issues.

This may (or may not) make a difference, but, either way, at least you will have the latest kernel available.

I hope this helps. Cheers.

Goddard, I’m having the same issue—can’t use my WiFi or Bluetooth yet for this card. I’ve searched the web and asked the wireless gurus, and as far as I’ve been able to determine, there’s not even any firmware yet for the mt7927 chipset in Linux, much less any drivers.

I do a search every week or so, hoping for news. I can live without WiFi but lack of Bluetooth is killing me. :confused: