Media players for CD

I want to play my music CDs and I’ve been using VLC and clementine seems to not work on my computer, I had issues with clementine anyways so I don’t really care to fix the program.

Anyone have any good recommendations for media players that do not have a pause in between songs like VLC?

I believe that strawberry is the continuation of clementine: pamac install strawberry

there are a lot of different libraries that are possible missing and cause that a music-cd-format can’t be accessed. a simple try is to install the application “k3b”. this is a burning-application but by installing it a lot of mandatory and possible missing libs are installed at the same time. i would give it a try, install k3b and test if it solves the problem.

Strawberry seems to be working pretty good, thank you

Clementine still crashes, I’m using strawberry like mithrial said so I’m just going to uninstall clementine, I did not have the k3b library, downloaded it now, thank you for letting me know

I believe Audacious does gapless playback, but it may only be in FLAC files.

If you are looking for a minimalist CD player, goobox is great. Has builtin CDDB support and one click extraction using OGG, MP3, WAV and even FLAC. It will show up in the menu as just CD Player

Many native Linux and cross-platform players support Gapless playback

VLC has a 17 year old bug report about gapless playback support
Gapless playback (#549) · Issues · VideoLAN / VLC · GitLab
latest comments suggest gapless playback may be supported in VLC v4.0
4.0 · Milestones · VideoLAN / VLC · GitLab
expected release date Dec 31, 2023

I’ll just leave this here… List of applications - ArchWiki

goobox is perfect, thank you, it does all i need it to do and nothing extra that just makes the experience worse, listening to a live album CD and it was impossible to tell that it transitioned to the next song

17 years is a shocking amount but I guess it’s meant for videos first anyways

thanks, i’ve decided to go with goobox but I might try Aqualung since it was the first result that came up when i searched for “gap” on the page and the name is a reference to an album i love

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