Media Player Bluetooth starts as soon as call ends

I connect my phone and laptop to same bluetooth earpeice, even I pause player in laptop and connect call, after call disconnect the player starts automatically,
Sometimes I like this feature but sometimes its annoying because my whole mood changes on one call :joy: :joy:
Any help would be appreciated
Thank you in advance :blush:

You want to get help with the mood ? We can’t do that … :crazy_face:

We might be able to help once we know what Player are you using, what software are you using to sync the play and pause during call …

If you use KDE Connect, then there is an option for Pause media during calls once you click on the gear.


And you simply disable the Automatically resume media when call has finished that is on by default.


If you use something else, please provide that information.

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I use this ScreenShot in paste.pic
also this here
And yes I know picture should not be uploaded, after being hammered by fabby once :joy:
Please have a look