Maximum keyboard layouts is 4?

I’ve been practicing some languages and wanted to add the keyboards of the languages I’m learning, but it seems there’s a maximum layout cap at 4? When I add the 4th keyboard layout I am no longer able to press the “+add” button to add a 5th. Is this intentional? If so, why?

The limit is real.

However, I did some reading and there might be a work around. I have not tried this, I unfortunately do not have your issue (kudos on being multilinguistic). Check out the links below. The command you are interested in is gsettings. In the solution in the LM forum, the user is setting up shortcut keys to switch among groups of 4 languages. If you have any followup questions just ask. I envision using maybe yad to create a dialog to switch and/or select. HHHHmmmm :thinking:

Note that this is a solution for gnome desktop. For XFCE it should be similar, but with xfconf / xfconf-query. The property should be XkbLayout.

[teo@teo-lenovo-v15 ~]$ xfconf-query -c keyboard-layout -p /Default/XkbLayout

and set new with -s. Have not tested it.

IIRC the limit of 4 layouts is from the X server, not the WM in use, because KDE has same limit :wink:

It’s not really needed to use different keyboard layouts for that purpose, just use one with “dead-keys” and/or “compose” so you can input the needed chars when wanted using just one layout…
Different layouts should only be required if you actually use different physical keyboards that have keys in different spots…

Yes i too am multi-language. :wink:

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