Matrix client with E2E

I appreciate availability of Fractal on the phone, but Fractal does not support E2E.

Any suggestions for Matrix client, would be possible to install Element?

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Good to see someone else is looking into this!

I tried installing Element when I was testing the Plasma version a few days ago which did not work due to the keyboard not coming up. (link here) Of course, I also gave it another go on Phosh, but the result was messy.

For now I am using nheko which I installed as a Flatpak (thus, you may need to install that first). It generally works pretty well, however sometimes parts of the GUI seem to be “missing” which interferes with usability (e.g. one might be unable to scroll or return to the list of rooms). Also, there doesn’t seem to be any alert for new messages. However, maybe I just haven’t figured out how to enable this. :innocent:

Cetero censeo focusing on communication software for this phone platform will be key to having a wider range of users adopt it. As aforementioned, I for one hope for a good Matrix and SIP client. BTW, thanks for your hint on that topic. I’ll look into it.

Thank you for the tip I’ll try nhenko, though I wonder whether is good to use desktop apps or touchscreen optimised apps, even if it requires more work to start with.

I suppose that is questions about any applications, the adaption by other users would be small if they are not well optimised for a smaller touchscreens.

Just an update: Element-Desktop is available in the repository and it is possible to install it. It did not run in Phosh due to X / display issues (Element cannot open display : :0), but I had no problem to run it in Plasma. Jami also works in Plasma.
However, Element-Desktop is really desktop app and not easily to use on the small touch screen, so in web browser is still the only option.

Just an update on nheko. It actually work fine as a touchscreen optimized app. However, there are two problem which have been getting worse recently.
a) It keeps crashing, sometimes resetting my config (i.e. another round of painfully re-typing my password).
b) The keyboard does not come up automatically.
FYI, I am using the current version of the phosh flavored edition.

Fractal supports E2E, I’m using on Phosh.
But the interface is very confusing at first.

I haven’t really gotten around to trying out Fractal that much. It seems whenever I start it I’ll have to log in again, i.e. it does not retain my login credentials. That is quite inconvenient. Is it just me or do others face the same obstacle?

Actually, that’s precisely what fractal does not do. I have sent messages to an end-to-end encrypted root, and they always arrive unencrypted.

Oh yeah, I confused for Mirage. Sorry. (/ω・\)チラッ