MATLAB can't open the documentation since the latest package upgrade

/usr/local/MATLAB/R2020a/bin/glnxa64/jcef_helper: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol:  
B/R2020a/bin/glnxa64/jcef_helper: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: |g_ptr_array_copy

Any ideas what I can do about this? Is a symbolic link missing?

Downgrading pango helped. Guess I have to file a bug report

In AUR AUR (en) - matlab is marked out of date. A user in the comments there gave a link to a custom PKGBUILD for a newwr version. You can back up the AUR PKGBUILD and put the custom one (at your own risk) in place. Then try cd to the folder and run mkpkg -rsi.

@eugen-b: I don’t install MATLAB via the AUR package, because it is a hassle. I can only install it via a web installer and to install it via the AUR package, I have to download the whole application, pack it according to the needed format and then install it via the script. I just install it via the official MATLAB Linux installer and then make my own .desktop file. I would also love to have an AUR script for the web installer, but I don’t have a reason to write or maintain one. Installing it manually is really easy, but I guess for depency issues like this it would be good.

I am also on the latest release 2020a, so this can’t be an issue. It used to work yesterday, so I guess the latest pango update broke it. I guess there is a bug there or MATLAB just does rely on the older pango version.

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