MATE workspaces

Good day,
I have installed Manjaro Mate.
Everything is wonderful, but there is only one workspace.
And I did not find where can second one adjust.
What must I do?
Thank you.

In MATE, workspaces are enabled by default. You can move between workspaces by using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Alt + Left and Ctrl + Alt + Right .

See Enabling Workspaces | Solus Help Center (scroll down to MATE if the link doesn’t take you there)

More tips: Multiple Workspaces - Learn Ubuntu MATE

By the way, all I did was search Google for mate workspaces to find this info :wink:

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You could also add the workspace switcher applet to the panel to switch between them. Right click inside the bottom panel and then click on Add to Panel. Towards the bottom of the list you will find the Workspace Switcher. Click on it and then finish by clicking Add.

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Yes, on other PC was just so. After installation you see 4 workspaces.
But with notebook Medion - none.
But - was stupid. Jim B helped me.
Thanks very much

What he mentioned was described in the first link I posted with screenshots. :wink:

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Yes, that is right.
Thanks once again.

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