Mate + wine + nvidia proprietary drivers = not being able to resize games window

hello all, hope everyone is staying safe.

I have an odd behavior going on with mate and wine in a different distro (arch), where I’ve posted a question that’s gone unanswered. thought I’d check other distros to see if the behavior is the same.

I’ve recently switched to mate and the odd issue I can’t figure out is, when I play guild wars 2 in a window, the game starts maximized, even though in my previous DE it was in a window smaller than my desktop size. I cannot resize the window, even though in gw2, I have it set for window mode, I can resize that window in xfce4, however in mate the game starts as a full screen window and when I try to resize it flickers and snaps back to full screen window.

upon further testing, I launched gw2, and then alt tabbed to another app, though that app never appeared in front of gw2, gw2 is always my top most window, even when it doesn’t have focus.

does that make sense? has anyone using ubuntu-mate had an experience like this with mate+wine+latest nvidia proprietary drivers?