Mate-screenshot where do I get it for KDE?

I miss it. Taking a shot of any portion of the screen was great.

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Spectacle can do that.

The default KDE screenshot tool can do that already, select the proper option and you can select the screen area.

Need to change my ss key, my KB has no print screen. That ys in setting sys setting right? BTW, my clock won’t set, all error says is can’t set current time.

What? Do you have to pay for each character you type?

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Oh sorry, I need to change the shortcut key to take screenshots, my key board has no print screen, how? google says I canMany KDE applications allow you to configure keyboard shortcuts. To open the standard keyboard shortcuts configuration panel, go to Settings → Configure Shortcuts… I haven
t found it in ksnip.

In the shortcuts menu, click “Add Application” at the bottom

And ksnip is not the default either. Spectacle is.
@Edward78 you have not made an reason for needing -any- of these other screenshot tools.
Why would you need them instead of the default?
But I suppose it doesnt matter … you can have a hundred installed if you want.
Though you will probably only be able to assign a shortcut to one of them :wink:

He’s got a habit of asking
very, very terse questions
without context
and then moving right on along to the next issue he might perceive.

Without acknowledging that he understood why what happened happened.

He was on Mate, now KDE - all mixed, of course :wink:

I raised similar concerns to him in the past.

He doesn’t seem to notice or care …

Sorry about all the posting I do, I will think more before I post.

I have a little suggestion: instead of thinking more before you post, google more before you post. Many of the questions that you ask can be solved much easier (both for others and for you) if you ask a search engine instead of going directly to a help forum.

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