[MATE] How to install zoom

I used Zoom on PCLinuxOS about a year ago and it was easy to install since it was in the archive, but it is not in manjaro. I have read a lot about how it is done on Manjaro. But there are obviously many ways to do it. I found this link https://snapcraft.io/install/zoom-client/manjaro
Is it a it a good way to install it on Manjaro.

Hi @Snubbi,

Have you looked at the AUR? Because it looks like it’s there.

$ pamac search zoom

zoom 5.5.2-1 AUR
   Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing Service

I there is also the possibility to run it in a browser.

zoom-firefox 0.0.3-0 AUR
   .desktop file for running Zoom in Firefox

Hope this helps!

It is a way yes. You also have Flatpak option, or simply the AUR or the browser as @Mirdarthos suggests.

If you prefer to avoid snaps, build it from the AUR:

pamac build zoom
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I can see this

Which is best? for a regular user

I have no idea, sice I’ve never used Soom for anything before. You’ll have to test and decide for yourself.

zoom is the actual software.

zoom-system-qt are libraries and zoom-firefox is a .desktop file.

Install zoom as I said above:

pamac build zoom

It was Zoom I was going to use I found out. Another question how do I update the program from Aur. I used pamac build zoom.
I also have another program from AUR. I can not update it with sudo pacman -Syu? Or can I

No, pacman can’t build from the AUR. You will have to use pamac to update using:

pamac update -a

The -a tells pamac to check the AUR


I’ using zoom flatpacked from flathub for quite a while. It is maintained and regularly gets updates.
In case you’re using kde you can easily install it using KDEs “discover” installer.

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