Mate extensions?

How do I see if any are running? I only changed the theme since install, so unless I unknowenly turned one on, none are running. I only ask because a while back, my screen started randomly goibg black (Like sleep mode or a screensaver, but I checked & no to both) & was told that might be the prob.

“extensions” … like what?
As far as I know mate doesnt have ‘extensions’ … or some sort of manager for third party software/themes … you would just nab them from or similar and put them in the respective HOME directory.

For running processes I might suggest using a resource management tool or something like htop, etc.

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How do I remove all that has to do with KDE? Found this on the Arch forum, it should work right? sudo pacman -Rns plasma-meta kde-applications-meta

I dont think so. I’m on KDE and have neither of those packages.

They are repository packages, but I think they are intended (and only used) for when someone decides to switch from another, earlier-installed desktop environment to Plasma.

If one on the other hand installs from a Plasma ISO, then they won’t have those meta-packages — I don’t have them installed either. :man_shrugging:

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