Mate: Display/Gamma?

How do I adjust it? BTW, love the Distribution so far.

Hello @Edward78 :wink:

There is no GUI, but you could set it like that:

How do I make the change lasts through reboots?
I made a text file & put .sh on the end, Inside I put #!$ /bin/sh.
xgamma -gamma 0.85. Is that right & how do I make it run at start up?

the suffix is not needed - it’s just for you to know that it is a shell script
the file should start like this:

#! /bin/sh

then put it into the directory:

create the directory if it doesn’t exist already:
mkdir ~/.local/bin

then make the file exexutable:
chmod ug+x ~/.local/bin/your_file

then add it to your autostart applications

It’s easy in xfce:
just add it to the list of programs in
LANG=C xfce4-settings-manager → Session and Startup → Application Autostart

You can even skip all the steps above
and put the command directly in at that point.

Thanks, now I just have to figure out how to do the start up in Mate. I think I got it, I went to Control Center, startup app, clicked add & pointed to /home/edward78/.local/bin/ that seems right?

It works exactly the same was in Mate as in Xfce4.

I went to CC & did what I posted above your post.

if that is the location of your script and if it’s contents are correct and if it is executable, then

and, of course:
the script itself needs to be functional

You did test it?
like this, for instance:

or just

does it do what you want it to do?

#! /bin/sh
xgamma -gamma 0.85
Is what is in it, this is correct?

Tested seems to work.

looks ok - but I don’t know
only you can know

Does it do what you want it to do?
When it does - it is correct. …

if it works, it works
if it doeasn’t:

You could just copy/paste that command:

into where you set the auto started application in the Mate Settings

no need to bother with the shell script

Where is mate-settings? It is installed, but I don’t see it in menu & not a choice in Look & Feel/main menu.

Nah - just look.
Hover the mouse pointer over each symbol and wait a bit … a hint will appear.

It is a menu item (or symbol) right there when you click the Start menu from which you can launch all your applications.
I don’t have or use Mate - but have seen it - it looks just like in Xfce4.

It is just like in Windows - start to type some keyword and matches will appear.
(in Xfce4 at least)

explore a bit - trial and error …

There are 3 possible menu widgets.

  1. Classic Menu
    System → Personal → Startup Applications

  2. Brisk Menu
    Preferences → Startup Applications

  3. Compact Menu
    System → Preferences → Personal → Startup Applications