Matcha-like decorations for QT applications on Gnome Wayland?

Hello everybody,
is it somehow possible to get similar window decorations for QT and GTK apps running under Gnome Wayland when using the default Matcha Theme?
I want to run the QT applications Wayland-native and no’t use XWayland (which has nice looking GTK themed window decorations, but is blurry and has other issues).

Currently if I open the qt5ct application (also called QT5 Settings) it looks like this:

 qt5ct --platform wayland --platformtheme qt5qc 

It is looking okay, the overall application theme looks somewhat GTK-ish but the window decorations look like the regular Adwaita theme not the Matcha theme, which is not in the dropdown list.

So is there somehow a possibility to get window decorations that look similar to the ones from the Gnome terminal on the right side?
Does the Matcha theme need to be supported by the qt5ct project for this to work or what else is the reason?

We had a Matcha Kvantum theme, but there has been no development in almost three years. It needs adjusting to match the changes in the GTK theme. Anyone is welcome to contribute by creating a Merge Request:

There is also an accompanying Matcha Kvantum theme in the AUR (Arch User Repository), kvantum-theme-matcha-git.

Hmm i knew about the Matchama theme, but thought there would be some other way to get a somewhat uniform style.
The Kvantum theme seems to have quite a few UI bugs after being stale for such a long time, so for me this is not a possibility.

Additionally the Kvantum themes seem to have no effect on the window decorations

But thank you anyway.

There’s a reason we switched the default GNOME theme from Matcha to Adwaita-maia. :wink:

Oh you really did? Seems like I completely missed that :sweat_smile: