Matcha-dark theme issue

When I select any of the Matcha-dark-… themes, the color of subsections as shown in the screenshot is too much of the same as the text color, making it a tad bit difficult to read.

It seems the light colouring here deviates a bit from the rest of the theme. This does not seem to be intentional. Is this a little bug?

The only reason I prefer the matcha-dark over adwaita-dark: the “window-close” button is nicely red. I like that contrast. Other than that, Adwaita-dark would be fine for me.

It’s known bug #1075. If you don’t mind Adwaita and like green accents, you can try adwaita-maia (also have compact version) or try to switch to wayland. According to @livemuziek reply there is no issue on wayland (on KDE), but you can encounter wayland related ones, so you need to decide.

If on the same PC I will log off, will switch Wayland user session to X11 and will log in, than I have the issue of OP w/ that light-grey background areas.

oh no …
I dont want to think about themes …
(my last substantive matchama (qt) update was 1 year ago or more…)

I just installed Manjaro Gnome. That means I am on Wayland since it is the default.
This issue is definitely on Wayland, as I made no efforts to switch to X11.

Adwaita-maia-compact-dark is indeed what I am using now as alternative.