Markdown editor similar to Typora

Hi there. Is there any Markdown editor like Typora ( available for Manjaro or Linux general? I mean, that i wish to open a complete folder with Markdown files, in some sort of left navigation panel. I wish to sort this files in the panel by last modification date. If i click a file, this should be opened in the main part of the application. Either in split form (Editor/Preview). I would prefer the preview mode first, if i have to choose a single view. If i edit the markdown file, it would be nice, if for the most prominent formatting options, there will be a button, like code or bold or italic and so on.

I don’t know if such a application exists, but this would be nice to have one. I have tried “Marker”, but i miss a lot of functions with this application.

See List of applications - ArchWiki

I like Apostrophe and ReText myself. However, ThiefMD might be more of what you’re looking for.

typora is available in the AUR:

pamac build typora

MarkText is an open source one which has most if not all the functions -

It is available as appimage, flatpak and also in AUR.

You guys realize what you just mentioned is listed in the Arch Wiki article I posted with the same information you provided, right? :wink:

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Just brief info:

Markdown editor + Left navigation panel + Sorting + Search + Tags + Note + Editer/Preview + Encryption (E2EE) + Sync + Open Source + Support Android/MacOS = Joplin

joplin-desktop-bin is available in AUR.

Many thx for the link to the wiki. I think i will try CuteMarkEd for a while in parallel with Typora-free package. But the package is a little bit outdated, but why not, if it works. If I’m not satisfied, i can buy a license for Typora, since i can use that on 3 PC’s parallel.

I have tried Joplin before, and as not really happy with it. MarkText is also really nice. Many thx for all the suggestions.

A little off your question but I have found StackEdit to be an excellent in browser Markdown editor for my own needs, it has several of the features you mention so may be worth a try?
Click the left or right menu icons to get the left or right side panels.

By using copy and paste (not middle mouse button click) I have found it to be good at converting sections of web pages or other documents to markdown.

For the browser i have written my own editor. You will find it at Offerel/PrimitiveNotes-Webapp: Standalone version of the Markdown notes plugin for Roundcube. - PrimitiveNotes-Webapp - There is nearly the same editor for Roundcube. I have moved my repositories from GitHub to Codeberg lastly, hopefully the links will work.

I have tried to keep it simple and mostly implemented only what I personally need. I know there are some issue, specially when using Firefox under Linux. Some of them are fixed offline, I must find the time to complete fixing and upload the latest changes. I have worked on Windows before, and have seen the issue only by starting to use Linux as regular day by day OS.

For local markdown files I use : Obsidian

Wow, this looks really nice. Many thx for the tip!

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