Mapping Caps Lock to simultaneous Esc and Super (Mod4)

im trying to get this working for KDE:
Mapping Caps Lock to simultaneous Esc and Super (Mod4). I used it a lot with gnome and it works really well.

I made a new entry in evdev.xml and evdev.lst just to be sure. (that same text as custom opts Ben davis is referring to). I get the working sort of, but just pressing the capslock (meta) gets the focus of the kickoff menu or (activate application launcher widget) but i can’t seem to unbind this key anywhere…

Can you help me with this?

Thank you for your time.

Hi @Arnoud, and welcome!

AFAIK that’s the default behaviour for pressing the Meta key. But you can change the hortcut for it, or remove it.

Simply Right-click on the menu and select Configure…:

Click the button I’ve marked 1 to reemove it, Apply, close the window and the shortcut should be removed.

Hope it helps!


Thanks for replying, and taking the time for this! Thank you for the welcome!

unfortunately it doesn’t work, i already emptied it the shortcut, it’s not called excalibur but just activate application launcher. it already was empty. i emptied it at the system-settings. I even emptied the other Show alternatives but everyone activates at this default behaviour of just pressing the meta key.

the shortcut seems it’s a lot deeper into the system activated or something.
any other ideas?

Maybe this helps: